Saturday, August 30, 2008

Let's Go Mountaineers!!!

Well, today is WVU's first game. I like ESPN's Brain Bennett's "Best Case" Senerio for the Mountaineers this season!!

"This is the year. Pat White wins the Heisman Trophy while excelling both on the run and with the pass, and Noel Devine makes a super sidekick. The little tweaks to the offense makes the Mountaineers nearly unstoppable as they average 43 points a game. The defense does the rest. The state really starts to believe after a thumping of Auburn at home on Oct. 23 runs the Mountaineers' record to 7-0. They then cruise into the rematch against Pittsburgh and win. 40-2, ruining the Panthers' bowl hopes. South Florida comes to Morgantown in a showdown for the Big East title, and West Virginia runs past the Bulls in the December snow. In the BCS title game, the Mountaineers have way too much speed for Ohio State and claim the crystal football. Bill Stewart writes a national bestseller called "The Hills are Alive: the West By God Virginia Miracle." Oh, and Michigan goes 0-12."